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Marine Engineering Study Courses

We are working with a marine engineer to develop courses which cover the syllabuses for the Transport Canada examinations. Below are the courses we currently have available, more courses will be added to the list in the near future.

Our courses are provided to you on a USB Thumb Drive, included on the drive is the engineering course* and a one year subscription to our online tutorial**. The courses are PC compatible only. Most of the courses include the latest version of the Reeds Engineering Series textbook in that subject area.

Click on an image below for more information about a course or to order online. If you have any questions please email info@nautscifaqs.com or call (902) 477-4692.

Applied Mechanics

1st Class Applied Mechanics



1st Class Applied Thermo-dynamics



1st Class Electro-technology

naval arch

1st Class Naval Architecture


2nd Class Engineering Know - Motor




2nd Class Applied Mechanics

general eng know

2nd Class Engineering Knowledge

applied math

3rd Class Applied Mathematics


4th class

4th Class EK General and Motor



Small Vessel Machinery Operator



* Each course is self contained on the USB drive and internet access is not required in order to study the subject material.

**The online tutorial is a bulletin board where you are able to post questions and see all questions and answers which have been posted in a particular subject area. This is the only part of the course where internet access is required. For access fees after the one year subscription click here


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