The Cargo Course covers all the material found in the syllabus for the CG1, CG2 and CG3 Transport Canada Exams.

Cost: $400.00 Cdn

imsc protractor

IMSC Marine Protractor

This is a 6"x6" Marine Protractor with Stencils for Compass and Stability problems. It's keel and centre lines make for easy allignment on paper. This 360° protractor has both metric and imperial scales. It is a useful Tool for aiding in the workings of Ship Construction, Stability and Cargo problems.

If purchased with a course Cost: $24.95 including HST

IMO Publications

IMDG Code 2016 Edition (inc Ammendment 38-16) - IK200E
BLU Code inc BLUE Manual 2011 Edition - IA266E



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